Training timetable

Here's the latest timetable for our free, daily online training sessions delivered as part of the Transform & Achieve programme.

To register for a session, please email us at or give us a call on 020 7428 4327.

DateTimeSession title and description
Monday 2 November11.30am-12.45pm

Using emotional intelligence to improve self-presentation

Tuesday 3 November11.30am-12.45pm

Cognitive biases and why they matter: Exploring what cognitive biases are, how they affect us & how we can counteract them.

Wednesday 4 November11.30am-12.45pm

The Anatomy of Habit change

Thursday 5 November11.30am-12.45pm

A Job, Better Job, Career: Our career coach will help explore your values & skills for today’s job market.

Friday 16 November11.30am-12.45m

Achieving Personal Goals & Growing Your Influence

Nov 9-13  
Monday 9 November 11.30am-12.45pm

Nutrition, Immune Function - nutrition sessions: Empower delegates with knowledge and translate the science of nutrition into practical useful tips to improve health.

Tuesday 10 November11.30am-12.45pm

Practising being Impressive

Wednesday 11 November11.30am-12.45pm

Growing self-motivation

Thursday 12 November11.30am-12.45pm

Procrastination Action Faking versus Action Taking!

Friday 13 November 11.30am-12.45pm

Boosting Self Esteem

Nov 16-20  
Monday 16 November11.30am-12.45pm

Why should I hire you (Elevator pitch)

Tuesday 17 November11.30am-12.45pm

Money Coaching Session: Our certified Money Coach will help equip you with tips to help you manage your money better

Wednesday 18 November11.30am-12.45pm

How to build rapport with absolutely anyone

Thursday 19 November11.30am-12.45pm

Nutrition, nutrition sessions: To empower delegates with knowledge and translate the science of nutrition into practical useful tips to improve health.

Friday 20 November11.30am-12.45pm

Using positive language in interviews

Nov 23-27  
Monday 23 November 11.30am-12.45pm

Skills for successful relationships in the workplace

Tuesday 24 November11.30am-12.45pm

All the World’s a stage: Exploring what ‘parts’ you play both at work and outside of work and recognising  your value and how that can impact your work to make it interesting & exciting!

Wednesday 25 November11.30am-12.45pm

Growing Resilience & Mental Toughness

Thursday 26 November11.30am-12.45pm

Better Relationships

Friday 27 November 11.30am-12.45pm

Changing Bad Habits for Good