Free training sessions

We support people to live independent lives and make their aspirations a reality by providing accredited and non-accredited training sessions. These are open to all our residents.

To help deliver this training, we invest our income from our professional academy into One Housing Foundation.

Lockdown learning

Because of social distancing and lockdown restrictions, we're not currently able to deliver any classroom-based training. However we've taken some of our FREE One Academy training courses online and you're very welcome to join in! If you’re thinking about training for personal development or to improve your chances of securing a new job, our specialist trainers are delivering a range of courses covering mind, body and skills. Sessions are held daily, Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm.

Improve your job prospects

  • Learn to get ready for the post-pandemic world by identifying the best way of making progress in the new shaped economy when dealing with prospective employers
  • Learn to establish what your core strengths are that will give you the edge in marketing and selling yourself
  • Learn how to enhance your skills to be able to compete effectively in your chosen career or job field
  • Learn how to make a positive impression to increase employers’ interest in your application
  • Learn how to Improve the quality of your written applications to increase the chances of getting noticed.

Nurture your body and mind

  • Learn to manage the demands and challenges of being at home and/or working within the home environment and dealing with the emotional pressures that brings
  • Learn to handle relationships skilfully to move yourself out of a state of paralysis and into a state of feeling empowered to take control of your future
  • Learn how to use effective coping strategies while feeling under pressure within your own home in partial lockdown
  • Learn how to successfully manage your mental health and improve your ability to deal with difficult relationships
  • Learn how to grow a healthier body increasing energy, vitality & sense of wellbeing!

How to register

All you need to do is email us at or give us a call on 020 7428 4327.

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