How you can help

We work with many organisations to provide extra services and opportunities for our residents, but we want to do more. We are keen to work with corporate or charitable organisations to deliver great projects.

You can get involved with us by:

  • offering your professional services or skills,
  • providing facilities for free,
  • sponsoring one of our specific events such as our annual Art at Arlington exhibition,
  • providing employment opportunities for our customers and residents,
  • organising team challenge activities or regularly volunteering,
  • match-fund a joint initiative.

Our services and customers truly benefit from any time, expertise and energy you can provide.

If you are a corporate business, we can work with you to tailor a programme that matches your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

If you are a charity, school or university, we welcome your expertise and ideas to develop bespoke projects which will make a real difference to our work and the people we support.

Contact us

David Leeves
Director of One Housing Foundation, for community, employment and young people services
Call 0208 821 4493

Linda Kelly
Customer Partnerships Manager, for our care and support services
Call 0207 428 4262

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